Experimental evidence from a fodder shrub promotional effort among dairy farmers in Uganda

Previous research has demonstrated the potential of fodder tree technology (FTT) in bolstering milk yields and quality among small-scale dairy producers. Yet, FTT adoption at recommended levels is low. To suport producers overcome the adoption hurdle,, we conducted a randomised field experiment in Eastern Uganda to compare an innovative add-on intervention designed to address several behavioural-related FTT adoption barriers against a base training and seedling access intervention and a control. We observe a 19% greater increase in new FTT uptake among producers in our two intervention groups. However, we find that our add-on intervention failed to induce a differential effect.

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    Hughes K, Oduol J B A, Kegode H, Kimaiyo J, Mausch K


    fodder shrubs, Dairy, Behavioral barriers, Field experiment, Uganda