Overcoming Practical Impediments To Biodiverse Tree-Planting

Around the world, we see massive tree planting initiatives taking place. These are part of nature-based solutions that are generally acknowledged to have a significant role to play in solving some of today’s most pressing global problems. These challenges include climate adaptation and mitigation; sustainable and nutritious food supply; and the restoration of forests and degraded lands coupled with biodiversity conservation. A common problem, however, is that tree planting has had only limited success in achieving the anticipated benefits. For example, restoration targets have failed because many planted trees do not survive. This is because the species and provenances used have been poorly chosen for the environment of the planting site. Compounding this, the seedlings have been insufficiently cared for, as local people have not seen the benefits of doing this, since the planted trees do not provide them with the products and services that they most need.

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    Graudal L, Moestrup S, Dawson I K, Jamnadass R