Water consumption of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) from a site in northern Kazakhstan

Purpose: This study investigated the water consumption (crop evapotranspiration) of industrial hemp on a newly established hemp field in Aqmola Region of Northern Kazakhstan. Methodology: The water consumption of hemp was investigated through direct measurements of the sapflow movement during the second half of the growing season 2021. These sapflow data yielded data on the water consumption. The water consumption of the first part of the growing season was assessed through the Penman-Monteith approach by FAO. Findings: The water consumption of hemp was 353 mm over the growing season at a stem yield of 10 t/ha. Under the water supply conditions of the study site, hemp offers higher yields than grasslands or grains. Originality/value: This is the first study that revealed data on water consumption of hemp for the region Central Asia as a potential

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    Thievs N, Aliev K


    Bioeconomy, Textile plant, Biomass, Evapotranspiration, Central Asia