Supporting farmer innovation to restore: An illustrated five step guide to applying the Options by context approach to land restoration

A big challenge to restoring degraded land is that ecological, economic, social, and institutional context differs from location to location, village to village and even household to household. No single technology, intervention or practice will suit all situations. What is urgently needed are locally relevant options that will work for different farmers and communities in varying contexts.The Options by Context (OxC) approach responds to this need by matching and tailoring solutions to local conditions. This manual provides restoration practitioners and trainers with a step-by-step guide on how to apply the OxC approach in land restoration efforts and offers practical examples and case studies from eastern Kenya.

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    Crossland M, Chesterman S, Magaju C, Maithya S, Mbuvi C, Muendo S, Musyoki M, Muthuri C, Muthuri S, Mutua F, Njoki C, Sinclair F, Winowiecki L