The charcoal value chain in Kenya: Actors, practices and trade flows in selected sites

The charcoal sub-sector is one of the most important sources of energy in Kenya, especially in urban areas. The sub-sector has been reported to be worth billions of dollars in market value. Between 40-75% of the charcoal is produced in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) using inefficient processing technologies and unsustainable tree harvesting practices. Given the critical role the sub-sector plays in energy provision and economic development, this study sought to assess the charcoal value chain to understand: i) actors and their motivation for engagement; ii) production technologies and processes; iii) the economics of product flow among different actors at different stages of the value chain; and iv) factors influencing performance in the value chain

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    Ndegwa G, Sola P, Kirimi I, Wanjira E O, Koech G, Ihalainen M, Iiyama M, Muriuki J, Njenga M


    Charcoal value chain, Sustainable charcoal, Gender in the charcoal value chain, Kenya, Energy sources, Charcoal ban