Securing women’s resource rights through gender transformative approaches.

The IFAD country programme has two main objectives:

  • Improved resilience and productivity of ecosystems and livelihoods through improved management of natural resources, particularly water; and
  • Expanded linkages with the private sector to ensure increased and sustained access to markets, finance and agricultural technology.


Key areas of investment include:

  • Small-scale irrigation development;
  • Sustainable natural resource management;
  • Rural financial inclusion;
  • Community-driven development among pastoral groups;
  • and Knowledge exchange through partnerships with the private sector, research institutions and other low-income countries.


Participatory Small-scale Irrigation Development Programme (PASIDP) II

PASIDP-II envisages the development of 18,400 ha of small-scale irrigation schemes in four regions, benefiting 108,750 poor rural households. Particular attention will be given to women, young people and vulnerable groups. Project locations In addition to increasing agricultural productivity and resilience of ecosystems, the programme is expected to create 15,000 new jobs, generating higher incomes and community resilience.

PASIDP-II will improve the farmers’ access to a secure irrigation system and enhance water efficiency through climate-smart agriculture in the adjacent watersheds. In addition, the programme will support linkages to markets and services so that smallholder farmers can increase their productivity, competitiveness and incomes. It will also enhance their resilience against external shocks and those induced by adverse weather and climate conditions. The programme thus aims to improve farmers’ prosperity, food security and nutrition.

In addition, PASIDP-II will train participants to take charge of the development process and encourage women to join the decision-making bodies of water users’ associations.

Source: IFAD, n.d., Participatory small-scale irrigation development programme II. IFAD, viewed 26 May 2021,

Initiative contacts

Atmadja, Stibniati
Scientist Forest and Human Well-being

Mawira Chitima
IFAD Hub Director

Nuredin Asaro
National Programme Coordinator PASIDP Project Ministry of Agriculture