Past events - SWAMP

Past events


Symposium: Turning the tide on mangrove loss

2014 - Zoological Society of London, Regents Park, London, United Kingdom.


XXIV IUFRO World Congress

2014 - The Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, United States.

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) is open to all individuals and organizations dedicated to forests, forest products, and related disciplines. The 24th IUFRO World Congress will provide attendees the opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships with colleagues from around the world.


Restoring Coastal Livelihoods: Increasing the Resilience of Mangrove-Aquaculture Socio-Ecological Systems in Southeast Asia

2014 - CIFOR Campus, Bogor, Indonesia.

Indonesia has lost nearly a third of its mangroves since 1980, the majority due to the conversion of mangroves to aquaculture ponds. However initiatives such as the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods project are working to reverse causes of degradation, and to improve management and reduce drivers of aquaculture expansion. Bringing together practitioners, government staff, academics, NGOs and the business community, the Restoring Coastal Livelihoods Conference will be held at CIFOR’s headquarters on 17-20 February 2014. This is an opportunity to share experiences, research and lessons learnt, and to make recommendations to the National Mangrove Strategy for Indonesia on restoring mangroves and improving coastal livelihoods. Click here for more details about the conference.


Collaborative training workshop and field sampling for monitoring and reporting of carbon stocks of mangrove ecosystems in India

2013 - Odisha and Gupti, India.

Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Program (SWAMP): Collaborative training workshop and field sampling for monitoring and reporting of carbon stocks of mangrove ecosystems in State of Odisha, India. Contact person:…


Regional Training On Carbon Stock Assessment In Forested Wetlands

2013 - Thailand, Thailand.

24-26 April 2013, Bangkok, Thailand with optional field visit to Laem Phak Bia Royal Project and 29 April-8 May 2013 Trang, Thailand with field work in nearby rehabilitated and undisturbed…


Second meeting of the Greenhouse gas budgets of South and Southeast Asia

2012 - Bogor, Indonesia.

Sponsored by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research, JAMSTEC, Global Carbon Project-CSIRO, and CIFOR. More...


Training workshop on field sampling protocol for C-Stocks assessments in tropical wetland ecosystems

2012 - Ho Chi Minh City and Ca Mau, Viet Nam.

Day 1 to 3 (10-12 June), Workshop at Can Gio Resort, Ho Chi Minh City. Day 4 to 7 (13-16 June 2012) Field trip for implementation and sampling at Can…