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Topic: B4. Wetlands and ecosystem services

Richard MacKenzie and Matthew Warren

This presentation focus on the benefits that wetlands and mangroves provided to human populations (ecosystem services). There are five categories of services specified, including: supporting, biological, provisioning, regulating and cultural services. The current extent of wetlands and mangroves around the world are also presented here.

  • Bourgeau-Chavez, Laura
  • Brown, Ben
  • Chazarin, Florie
  • Friess, Daniel
  • Hergoualc’h, Kristell
  • Herold, Martin
  • Kauffman, Boone
  • Kolka, Randy
  • Lilleskov, Erik
  • Locatelli, Bruno
  • MacKenzie, Richard
  • Margono, Belinda
  • Murdiyarso, Daniel
  • Pramova, Emilia
  • Warren, Matthew
  • Verchot, Lou