Rizka Amalia

Rizka Amalia will present the key findings from her PhD research entitled “Governance of Palm Oil, Land Use and Social Changes in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.” She will demonstrate how oil palm plantation development has resulted in socioecological changes across villages in her study site in East Kalimantan. Responding to growing concerns over the adverse environmental and social impacts of oil palm plantation development, the Government of Indonesia established mandatory certification called Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO), which requires companies to comply with a set of criteria and indicators for ensuring the legality and sustainability of palm oil production in the country. Despite its potential for improving governance of the sector, Amalia indicates that ISPO certification has yet to prove effective in controlling or reducing negative impacts. To remedy the situation, she recommended full consideration of sociocultural conditions when applying the ISPO, particularly for smallholders, in order to encourage them to adopt sustainability practices and prevent them encroaching on forests and peatlands.