Peter Cronkleton

Peter Cronkleton is an anthropologist with the Forest and Governance Programme and since January 2010 has led CIFOR’s research theme ‘Improving Livelihoods through Smallholder and Community Forestry’. Cronkleton is a specialist in community forestry development, forest social movements and participatory approaches for research and capacity building. His initial work with CIFOR’s Adaptive Collaborative Management Project focused on tools and approaches for facilitating social learning among forest communities including the use of participatory mapping, future scenarios and participatory landscape assessment. He has participated in global comparative studies to analyse the development of forest based social movements and the impacts of forest tenure reform on forest dependent people. A graduate of the University of Florida (MA 1993, PhD 1998), Cronkleton is currently based in Peru. He has worked as a researcher and development practitioner in Latin America for more than 15 years, concentrating on the western Amazon but also developing comparative research in Central America.