Marcel Silvius

As a wetland ecologist, Marcel Silvius has worked on a wide range of issues related to natural resources management, climate change, sustainable development and livelihoods, for over 30 years.

He pioneered peatland, mangrove and shorebird studies in South-east Asia and contributed to the establishment of several national parks and large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in Indonesia, Russia, China and various parts of Africa.

Prior to taking up appointment with GGGI in Jakarta in June 2017, he played a major role in establishing Wetlands International, leading the development of global programs and supporting the establishment of offices in various parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. Much of his work focused on peatland conservation, restoration and management.

Marcel is a graduate in biology of the State University of Utrecht and studied Nature Management at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Netherlands. In Jakarta he is accompanied by his wife Tini, and they are passionate about exploring and photographing the rich diversity of Indonesian culture and nature.