Gusti Anshari

Prof. Gusti Anshari is a professor and the chair of the Master Program of Environment, Soil Science Department at Tanjungpura University. He is also a Director of the Center for Wetlands People and Biodiversity.He is an expert in tropical peatland and has published large number of scientific publications related to tropical peatlands and climate change. Prof. Gusti Anshari is the lead author for IPCC on the 2013 supplement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Wetlands and also the lead author for IPCC AR 6 Working Group II on Climate Change 2021: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability IPCC AR 6 Report. He also active in several organizations at national and international level such as Peat Society of Indonesia, Indonesian Society for Climate Change and Forestry, Indonesian Soil Science Society, Society for Indonesian Biodiversity, International Peat Society, and American Geoscience Union. He earned his master degree in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University, Canada in 1994 and his PhD in Geography and Environment from Monash University, Australia in 2000.