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21-23 February 2017, Naypyidaw, Myanmar.


An integrated pan-tropical biomass map using multiple reference datasets

An integrated pan-tropical biomass map using multiple reference datasets

Authors: Avitabile, V.; Herold, M.; Heuvelink, G. B. M.; Lewis, S.L.; Phillips, O.L.; Asner, G.P.; Armston, J.; Asthon, P.; Banin, L.; Bayol, N.; Berry, N.J.; Boeckx, P.; de Jong, B.H.J.; DeVries, B.; Girardin, C.; Kearsley, E.; Lindsell, J.; Lopez-Gonzalez, G.; Lucas, R.; Malhi, Y.; Morel, A.; Mitchard, E.T.A.; Nagy, L.; Qie, L.; Quinones, M.; Ryan, C.M.; Slik, F.; Sunderland, T.C.H.; Vaglio Laurin, G.; Valentini, R.; Verbeeck, H.; Wijaya, A.; Willcock, S.

Publication Year : 2016

We combined two existing datasets of vegetation aboveground biomass (AGB) (Saatchi et al., 2011; Baccini et al., 2012) into a

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