Bishwa Nath Oli


Dr. Bishwa Nath Oli is affiliated with Agriculture and Forestry University of Nepal as Adjunct Professor. Dr. Oli has served as secretary at different ministries of Government of Nepal including Ministry of Forests and Environment. During his professional career, he was directly involved in formulating policies and strategies and legislative frameworks covering areas of sustainable management of natural resources including forestry, biodiversity, climate change, environment conservation, and renewable energy. He has also worked as a national consultant and senior advisor with various development partners including Food and Agriculture Organizations, ICIMOD, GIZ, GGGI, WWF Nepal. He has served as a national focal person to several multilateral environmental agreements including United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Convention on Biological Diversity. He completed his tenure as a vice chair of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission of the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations from 2019-2021. Currently, he has also been serving as a Bureau member of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) since July 2022. Dr. Oli has completed Ph. D. in Forestry from Copenhagen University, Denmark and Master's degree in Natural Resources Management from University of Life Sciences, Norway. He has published around three dozen articles in national and international peer reviewed journals and also supervised students at Bachelor's and Master's level from different universities.