Charlotte Wheeler

Post Doctoral Fellow

Charlotte Wheeler is a Post-doctoral fellow in the Climate change, Energy and Low-carbon development team. Charlotte is a tropical forest ecologist who researches the impact of land-use change on climate change and biodiversity, with a particular focus on degraded forest landscapes and peatlands. She has over 10 years of experience carrying out tropical fieldwork to monitor forest carbon stocks in Peru, Malaysia, Uganda, and Mexico, amongst others. She is also experienced in mapping changes in forest biomass, linked to degradation and land-use change, using remote sensing techniques. Charlotte completed her PhD at University College London in 2017, researching the potential of tropical forest restoration for climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection, and is particularly interested in understanding the global climate change mitigation potential of forest restoration, and how restoration-planning decisions influence carbon sequestration. At CIFOR, Charlotte will be researching Latin American Peatlands to determine the current state of knowledge of peatland in this region and understand the effect of peatland degradation on greenhouse gas emissions.