Mulia Nurhasan


Mulia is a food and nutrition scientist and has been working with CIFOR since 2018. She is currently leading work on the inter-linkages of food, nutrition and landscapes in Indonesia on such topics as: dietary transition in forested and deforested areas of Indonesia, impact of Covid-19 pandemic in forested areas of West Papua Province, and linking food, nutrition and the environment for sustainable food systems in Indonesia. She is also involved in other works, such as the benefit of mangrove restoration for food and nutrition of local communities, and food and land use change in West Papua Province. Mulia has a bachelor degree in post-harvest fishery, a masters degree in international fisheries management, and is a PhD candidate at University of Copenhagen, Department of Human Nutrition. She is actively involved in advocating for a sustainable food systems agenda in Indonesia.

Sustainable Food Systems, Food Security, and Nutrition