Sonya Dyah Kusumadewi

Research Officer

Sonya Dyah Kusumadewi (Onya) has joined the VFI team at CIFOR since 2019 as a research consultant. She mainly works for the UKRI GCRF TRADE Hub project for the topic of sustainable palm oil trade. She is also facilitating the coordination and network development among partners within the research hub in relation to TRADE Hub activities in Indonesia. She has been participated and will continue to work in various research under the VFI team in Indonesia for several topics such as value chain, political economy, and governance of forest and forest-risk commodity, community-based restoration, and fire prevention in Indonesia. Onya has a background in forestry with academic specialization and research interests in forest management, socio-economic and policy. Before joining CIFOR, she worked for several research projects that built up her knowledge in various issues such as sustainable forest management, timber trade, climate change and REDD+, and community-based sustainable development.