Rosa Román-Cuesta


Rosa Maria Roman-Cuesta, an Alexander Von Humboldt fellow, has been a tropical forest ecologist with CIFOR’s Climate Change, Energy and Low Emission Development (CCE) team since July 2017. She also acts as CIFOR’s focal point for CCAFS, the research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. Rosa Maria gained her PhD on tropical forest disturbances (2002) in the frame of an EU project on forest restoration and conservation in Latin America (SUCRE). She has since specialized in land use emissions and climate change mitigation at national scales, taking a particular interest in forest monitoring, carbon balances, and the REDD+ mechanism. As a Forest Officer and MRV advisor, Rosa Maria spent three years with FAO’s UN-REDD team directly supporting Mexico and Panama’s Governments with their Climate Change and REDD+ programs. She is well acquainted with the UNFCCC framework and principles, IPCC AFOLU guidelines, and technical needs and requirements for NDCs and NAMA development, having been invited to several TSU-IPCC expert meetings. Her latest work under CCAFS projects has expanded her mitigation expertise into more comprehensive landscape approaches that include other land uses, particularly agriculture and wetlands. She has actively participated in the development of CIFOR’s latest tropical wetland and peatland map (2017) and has a particular interest in peatland monitoring (i.e. peat degradation). Rosa has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and several book chapters.