Cecilia Luttrell

Senior Associate

Cecilia’s research interests are at the interface between research and policy particularly around governance and politics of natural resources. With CIFOR she has been involved in developing political economy analysis and impact assessment of national and local-level implementation around the oil palm, REDD+ and illegal logging arenas. She also has experience in evaluation and learning, including leading a learning review/evaluation of CIFOR's oil palm research in Indonesia. She is also a Senior Associate at the Dala Institute. Prior to she worked as a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute providing analysis to international and national governmental and non-governmental institutions. Here her work spanned accountability and oversight in the forest sector, pro-poor policy making as well as livelihoods, poverty and empowerment, gender and rights. She was also a Senior Research Associate/post-doc at CSERGE (the Centre for Economic Research into the Global Environment at the University of East Anglia) carrying out social and institutional analysis on a DFID funded research project on ecosystem-based wetland management in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. She has also worked for DFID in the Forestry Planning Department in Ghana, for Wetlands International in Indonesia and various local NGOs in Asia and Africa. She a BA in Geography, an Msc in Forestry and a PhD in Environmental Sciences which examined institutional change, aquaculture and access to natural resources and livelihoods in Vietnam. She has experience in various countries across Asia and Africa with longer periods in Indonesia, Ghana and Vietnam