Martin Herold

CIFOR Senior Associate

Martin Herold is professor of geoinformation science and remote sensing at Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a senior associate at CIFOR, Indonesia. He has long-term experience in satellite-based monitoring of forest and land changes and related biomass and carbon emissions, global land cover mapping and assessments, spatial analysis and modeling of land use change, integrating ground and satellite observations, and accuracy assessment procedures and uncertainty management for remote sensing data products. In CIFOR’s global comparative study he focuses on approaches to REDD+ monitoring and measuring, reporting and verification (MRV), and improving data and capacities for deriving activity data, emission factors, reference levels, assessments of drivers of forest change, and the relationship between monitoring and the national REDD+ policy processes. Ongoing work further aims to think beyond carbon-related REDD+ monitoring its links to non-carbon impacts and benefit sharing on local, national and landscape scales.