Jolien Schure

CIFOR Associate
English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch

Jolien Schure holds a master degree in development studies and a PhD degree from the forest and nature conservation policy group. She brings over two decades of experience working for development and research organisations on topics pertaining to natural resources and sustainable livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa. During the past five years (2018-2023), Jolien has been coordinating a multi-country initiative on sustainable woodfuel under the Governing Multifunctional Landscape Program. She has also been leading a new initiative that brings together stakeholders for better understanding on a landscape approach in displacement settings ( Currently, her work focusses on building viable models for upscale of sustainable woodfuel solutions within the Yangambi Engagement Landscape in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Livelihood studies and smallholders\' use and commercialisation of forest products, the wood fuel sector in the Congo Basin.