Stibniati Atmadja

English, French, Indonesian

Dr. Stibniati (Nia) Atmadja - Scientist at CIFOR, based in Indonesia (2008-2015), Ethiopia (2015-2019), and currently in Montpellier, France, hosted by CIRAD Forest & Society Research Unit. Her work focuses on forest, climate change and livelihood interactions in tropical countries. Since she joined CIFOR in 2008, she has been conducting research on REDD+ at various levels, as part of the GCS REDD+ project. This includes understanding and evaluating the impact of REDD+ on local livelihoods and wellbeing, national climate financial mechanisms and how they impact gender and poverty reduction, and global REDD+ financing systems. As a multidisciplinary scientist, she is skilled in designing, implementing and conducting training on a wide range of survey methods, quantitative (e.g., econometric) and qualitative research, and coordinating research and stakeholder consultation activities across countries. She obtained her PhD in Natural Resource Economics and masters degree in Economics from North Carolina State University, and double bachelor degrees in Environmental Science and Economics in Murdoch University, Western Australia. She manages and is updating the International REDD+ projects database (ID-RECCO), one of the largest and most comprehensive open database on REDD+ projects in the world. She likes hiking, picnics, and fixing, trying and observing things.

Climate change mitigation; Landuse change