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David holds a Master of Science in applied optics from Imperial College, London, and another in remote sensing of the environment from Florence University, Italy. He received a PhD in biodiversity management from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent in 2009. David examines the effects of land use and land cover change, drought and fire on atmospheric carbon emissions, on rainfall and on biodiversity; as well as the impacts of governmental policies and industrial practices on forest ecosystems in tropical Asia. He has fifteen year’ experience in monitoring tropical deforestation, forest degradation, and forest fires across the tropics using satellites. A particular focus is on mapping long-term trends in tropical deforestation and degradation and links with agricultural development, forest fires, and consequences such as reduced rainfall, increased carbon emissions, and impacts on wildlife. He has extensive knowledge of the environmental policies and practices of several Southeast Asian countries, and in particular on forest-related land-use plans, protected area management, and logging concession and oil palm establishment. He has a good track record of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, has worked at various stages of the project cycle from proposal writing and formulation, implementation to monitoring and evaluation. He has a mix of field experience, research networks and collaborative partnerships with local, regional and international non-governmental organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the USA and Europe.

Remote sensing, GIS, protected area effectiveness