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[Occasional Paper No. 1]
Forestry research within the consultative group on International agricultural research.

[Occasional Paper No. 2]
Social and economical aspects of Miombo woodland management in Southern Africa: options and opportunities for research.

[Occasional Paper No. 9]
Rates and causes of deforestation in Indonesia: Towards a resolution of the ambiguities.

[Occasional Paper No. 10]
Report on Discussion Forum on Information Services in the Asia-Pacific and AGRIS/CARIS in the 21st Century an Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation

[Occasional Paper No. 11]
Capacity for Forestry Research in the Southern African Development Community

[Occasional Paper No. 12]
Technologies for Sustainable Forest Management: Challenges for the 21st Century

[Occasional Paper No. 13]
Bosques secundarios como recurso para el
desarrollo rural y la conservación ambiental
en los trópicos de América Latina

Social and Economical Aspects of Miombo Woodland Management in Southern Africa: Options and Opportunities for Research

Peter A. Dewees


Five themes are identified for social, economic and policy research relating to miombo woodland management in southern Africa. They are: (1) patterns of local institutional change; (2) household use of woodland products; (3) markets for woodland products; (4) longer term dimensions to woodland use and exploitation and (5) policy and legislation. These themes are by no means definitive or exhaustive, but are described here as a means of focusing on the scope of future research, and as a basis for identifying priorities.

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