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PEN at the 13th World Forestry Congress

Case studies and preliminary global results

The PEN project organised a side event at the 13th World Forestry Congress which took place 18–25 October 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Professor Carsten Smith-Hall from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, gave the welcoming presentation.  He gave an overview of the side event and introduced the presentations that followed.

Dr Sven Wunder from CIFOR’s Brazil office presented an introduction and project overview. He explained why the PEN project was developed and presented the key research questions, an overview of the methods, and an update on the status of PEN and a timeline and some preliminary global results.  The global results included data from 20 case studies on share of total income by source and average forest income shares.

Case study presentations

Each of the five case studies presented discussed their unique results as well as the following standardised key results:

  • Average forest income share
  • Absolute and relative forest income share according to income quintiles (i.e., forest dependency)
  • The main sources of forest income, and contributions of cash compared to non-cash sources (subsistence and environmental income)
  1. Forest income and dependency in Guangxi Province, China, by Nick Hogarth of Charles Darwin University, Australia. (PPT, 3.8 MB)
  2. Forest income and economic dependency on forest resources in the Bolivian lowlands, by Patricia Uberhuaga from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. (PPT, 3.3 MB)
  3. Forest dependency in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon, by Dr Amy Duchelle, University of Florida, USA; Universidade Federal do Acre, Brazil. (PPT, 3.3 MB)
  4. Do forests contribute to rural livelihoods in Ghana? By Beatrice Darko Obiri, Forestry Research Institute of Ghana. (PPT, 2.1 MB)
  5. Environment-Poverty linkages in West Africa: Household dependence on renewable natural resources in Burkina Faso, by Mariève Pouliot, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. (PPT, 4.9 MB)


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