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The Center for International Forestry Research has led global research on peatlands for more than 20 years. As the world acts on climate change, understanding the diverse values of peatlands is more important than ever. Explore this site to learn more about CIFOR’s ongoing research into these critical landscapes.

Why do peatlands matter?

Peatlands are a source of life for plants, animals and people. They provide food, clean water and other benefits to nearby communities, and are an essential resource for livelihoods. They are also home to many of the world’s threatened species, such as orangutans, rhinoceroses and leopards.

Peatlands play a critical role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Draining, clearing and burning of peatlands for agriculture and other purposes is a massive source of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Meanwhile, the carbon storage potential of undisturbed peatlands is widely underappreciated.

Research is needed to better map and quantify the world’s peatlands, and understand their diverse values across landscapes, including for local communities. This will support more effective efforts toward conservation and restoration of peatlands, and global action on climate change.

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Media Contacts

We encourage media to contact our scientists and experts directly with interview requests or questions about peatlands.
For other support or requests, please contact our Media team.

Bimbika Sijapati Basnett
Gender • Gender and migration • Gender and REDD+ safeguards • Large-scale land investments and green economy • Palm oil • Peatlands
English, Nepalese
Christopher Martius
Team Leader - Climate Change, Energy, & LCD
Climate change mitigation and adaptation • Coordinates the Global Comparative Study on REDD+ • Ecosystem services • Forest ecology biodiversity
English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Daniel Murdiyarso
Principal Scientist
Carbon accounting • Forest policy in Indonesia • Mangroves and peatlands
English, Indonesian
Dede Rohadi
Seconded Scientist
Smallholder timber plantations • Timber certification • Rural livelihoods • Community-based forest management • Peatlands
English, Indonesian
Herry Purnomo
Climate change • Forest governance • Systems modelling
English, Indonesian
Himlal Baral
Senior Scientist
Climate change adaptation and mitigation • Landscape management for environmental services • Landscape management of forested areas for environmental services • Peatlands
English, Nepalese
Robert Nasi
Director General
Bushmeat (& Ebola) • Ecology and management of tropical forests • Forests in Africa • Gender • Peatlands • Production forests
English, French

Media team

Budhy Kristanty
Indonesia Communications Officer
Bogor, Indonesia
Cell phone: +62 811 1904283
Work: +62 251 8622622 Ext.506
Skype: bkristanty
Languages: English, Indonesian

Available on demand: Broadcast-quality HD video footage of peatlands (landscapes, communities, fires, research) and interviews with experts.

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