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Building sustainable food systems on September 2
GLF Amazonia extended to 3 days after high demand
Let's Talk Trees podcast: Arid agriculture in Ghana
Join PNG PM Marape, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Bronaugh for digital event on food system change
Unsustainable agricultural practices to feed growing populations around the world have put the natural systems that support us at risk. Destruction of forests, widespread clearing of native vegetation, soil degradation and erosion are among the many damaging ways humans have altered food systems.

Transforming the way we produce food requires scaling up collaborative, nature-positive approaches that emphasize the crucial role of smallholder farmers, pastoralists, indigenous groups and women to build resilience and equity and support livelihoods and nutritious diets. Fortunately, there are many examples of successful transformations taking place across the Global South and beyond.

On September 2, CIFOR-ICRAF, the Global Landscapes Forum and partners will showcase solutions and innovations to help transform the world's food systems during the "Food. Nature. People" digital event. Leading researchers, policy makers and farmers including U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Jewel H. Bronaugh and Prime Minister James Marape of Papua New Guinea will share their insights and provide updates on the scientific evidence, policy and best practices required to scale up effective solutions on the ground. Register here.

The digital event is part of a special CIFOR-ICRAF series on nature-positive food systems showcasing the latest scientific research and transformative solutions. To learn more, please visit here.

Register now   Nature-positive food systems
Seal of approval for Gunung Sewu UNESCO Global Geopark karst ecosystem in Indonesia
Celebrating Kanoppi conservation efforts in Java's cultural heartland that recognizes the contribution of the unique landscape to the ecotourism industry and economic self-sufficiency for local people.
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
How deforestation poses dengue pandemic risk for Africa and Asia          
As the world continues to battle COVID-19, scientists are sounding the alarm over the rise of other zoonotic diseases. One of these is dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection, found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide, mostly in urban and semi-urban areas.
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Women producers in Burkina Faso face hardship if shea industry dwindles
A 10-point call to action includes support for the development of a national parkland restoration program, domestication and genetic development of the shea tree and the potential introduction of an export tax to support the regeneration of parklands.
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
New framework for nature-based solutions for agricultural landscapes   
Researchers have created a guide for designing agricultural development projects that use solutions from nature.
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Feature interview: Trees on farms come with hidden costs that can now be calculated
A new tool enables estimation of investment costs for establishing trees on farms.
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
FTA launches campaign on fruits and vegetables
From Tree to Fork is a fun, informative and colourful campaign launched by the Forests, Trees and Agroforestry Research Program to learn about some of the most undervalued fruits and vegetables that come from trees. Weekly updates!
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
Join us and protect Amazonia!
Amazonia, one of the Earth's most culturally and biologically diverse regions, is crucial to tackling the global climate emergency. Join 250+ scientists, policymakers, activists, youth, investors, restoration practitioners, community, Afro-descendant and Indigenous groups and journalists 21–23 September 2021 and learn more.

Connect with 75+ local and global organizations. Exchange knowledge and solutions for the Amazon Biome. Anyone living in Latin America can participate without charge; regular ticket sales end 15 September 2021.

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GLF Climate concept note + session applications open
By 2100, Earth is set to be over 3°C hotter than in the late 19th century. Yet forests, food and finance, now part of the problem, could become part of the solution. First, we must drastically slash greenhouse gas emissions by rethinking how we protect, produce and consume the planet's resources. A conference 5-7 November 2021 will explore how forests, sustainable food systems and sustainable finance can help us achieve the Paris Agreement goals.

Join online, or in Glasgow, Scotland, for 'GLF Climate: Forests, Food and Finance - Frontiers of Change', convened alongside COP26. Submit a session application and view the concept note here.

Participate   Concept note
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
Counting down
Call for papers: Deadline for manuscript submissions for special Issue of "The Governance of Natural Forest Regrowth as a Restoration Option," Sept. 30, 2021.
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
The quest for livelihood options in Ghana

Implementing an integrated landscape approach which tries to balance competing demands and integrate policies for multiple land uses within a given area involves innovative research, including forestry and other productive processes.

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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
Food. Nature. People. A blueprint to build thriving, sustainable food systems
2 September, online
GLF Amazonia: The Tipping Point
21 – 23 September, online
Asia Pacific Forest Governance Forum (FGF): A platform for exchanging innovative ideas, experiences and on knowledge on Forest Governance in Asia Pacific and beyond
27 – 30 September, online
GLF Climate: Forests, Food and Finance - Frontiers of Change
5 – 7 November, hybrid and online
Sustainable woodfuel value chains in Africa: Governance, social, economic and ecological dimensions
23 – 25 November, online
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692c7868-13e5-42d6-86b6-dce4197ff722.png  e6ff4eea-20fc-43cf-abf1-5cc39e894aa5.png
Farmer social networks: The role of advice ties and organizational leadership in agroforestry adoption
The charcoal value chain in Kenya: Actors, practices and trade flows in selected sites
Can multistakeholder forums empower indigenous and local communities and promote forest conservation?
Hot topics in governance for forests and trees: Towards a (just) transformative research agenda
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CIFOR Publications   CIFOR French   GLF   Resilient Landscapes
General Call for Applications - Consultant Roster
General Call for Applications - Science Roster
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Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

5466d4ef-e528-4ca3-91c3-3322243e7881.png 3de5fea9-90a4-4d6f-8a58-cdd4c0938ecb.png 85cc76ff-7bed-4991-b656-5f7231678717.png a458f9b4-0607-4571-886f-07d897d530b1.png 7f438964-8836-4f68-8713-59f2ede9dc49.png
World Agroforestry (ICRAF)

5466d4ef-e528-4ca3-91c3-3322243e7881.png 3de5fea9-90a4-4d6f-8a58-cdd4c0938ecb.png 85cc76ff-7bed-4991-b656-5f7231678717.png a458f9b4-0607-4571-886f-07d897d530b1.png 7f438964-8836-4f68-8713-59f2ede9dc49.png
The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and World Agroforestry (ICRAF) envision a more equitable world where trees in all landscapes, from drylands to the humid tropics, enhance the environment and well-being for all. CIFOR and ICRAF are CGIAR Research Centers.
8ef016a5-dc74-441e-8905-2a779ec5fbaf.png 8ef016a5-dc74-441e-8905-2a779ec5fbaf.png 8ef016a5-dc74-441e-8905-2a779ec5fbaf.png