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Indigenous communities best for conservation: New study

15 Jul 2015

Environmental monitoring by indigenous communities plays a vital role in effective natural resource protection and can ‘fill the gap’ over vast regions where formal conservation authorities are absent.

International Day of Forests: Experts highlight critical role of forests for SDGs, climate change

20 Mar 2015

Forests are essential in global efforts to fight climate change and ensure a sustainable future, say experts who point to a growing body of scientific knowledge to help countries meet these goals.

Human rights and finance catch leaders’ attention in fight against climate change

10 Dec 2014

Experts have urged governments, business and investors to act faster and think bigger in fighting climate change and promoting sustainable development – and they name finance, human rights and sustainable landscapes as the necessary artillery.

New book sheds light on real-world challenges for forests, climate change

05 Dec 2014

A new book released today details real-world stories of efforts to reduce carbon emissions in tropical forest countries, a leading option for slowing climate change now under discussion at the UN climate talks in Lima.

Palm oil doesn’t have to spell disaster for forests

16 Oct 2014

Palm oil—used around the world in everything from foods to cosmetics to biofuels—can be developed without destroying vast stretches of tropical forests with the right planning and methods.

Ebola, forests and bushmeat: Making sense of a crisis

04 Sep 2014

The current Ebola crisis in Africa has drawn attention to the link between the animal-borne virus and bushmeat, a crucial source of food for tens of millions of people.

Report offers useful lessons for ecosystem restoration projects

12 Jun 2014

Ecological restoration efforts in Colombia in recent years — despite numerous flaws in design, implementation and monitoring — have nevertheless built a critical mass of experiences and expertise that have placed the country at the forefront of this growing trend in Latin America, according to a new publication launched by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Funds are ‘enormous’, will is weak to fuel low-carbon economy: Experts

06 May 2014

The world’s top climate scientist told an international conference today that tackling climate change is an opportunity, not a burden, and a leading financier said there is plenty of money to fund sustainable development.

Global study sheds light on challenges to REDD+

14 Apr 2014

An incentive program to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation — known by the acronym REDD+ — risks losing momentum over issues of land tenure and economic viability, a new study indicates. The challenges are surmountable, researchers say, adding that a binding international climate agreement could go a long way in bolstering the REDD+ program’s prospects for mitigating climate change.

Compensation project pays off for forests and people

28 Mar 2014

A Brazilian program that rewards families for conserving forests shows promise for reducing deforestation and helping small farmers improve their livelihoods, a new study co-sponsored by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) shows.

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