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21 Jan 2003

Pengelolaan sumberdaya hutan yang berkesinambungan merupakan salah satu kunci pembahasan dalam diskusi antara pemerintah RI dengan negara-negara donor dalam CGI (Consultative Group on Indonesia). Pada pertemuan sebelumnya pemerintah RI telah berjanji untuk mengambil langkah keras agar para pengusaha kehutanan mengelola hutan dengan berkesinambungan, sebagai imbalan atas pinjaman dan hibah.

Bad Loans and Lost Forests

15 Jan 2003

By David Kaimowitz Governments don’t like closing down big businesses. But that’s what international donors will probably demand of the Indonesian government when the World Bank-sponsored Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI) meets this week in Bali to discuss a new foreign assistance package. The big businesses in question are the debt-ridden timber companies that borrowed […]

CGI and Forest Debt

15 Jan 2003

Sustainable forest management will be a key topic when donors and the Indonesian Government hold discussions at this month’s meeting of the Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI). The Indonesian Government has promised the CGI it will implement sustainable forestry business practices in return for receiving new loans and grants. Crucial to these discussions is the […]