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books published in 2007 - 2008

Ordered by year of publication and author.

Gustafsson, L.; Nasi, R.; Dennis, R.; Nguyen Hoang Nghia; Sheil, D.; Meijaard, E.; Dykstra, D.P.; Priyadi, H.; Pham Quang Thu. 2007. Logging for the ark: improving the conservation value of production forests in South East Asia. Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor, Indonesia. CIFOR Occasional Paper 48. 74p. ISBN: 978-979-1412-19-3.
Padmanaba, M. and Sheil, D. 2006.
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Kaimowitz, D.; Sheil, D. 2007. Conserving what and for whom? why conservation should help meet basic human needs in the tropics. Biotropica 39(5): 567–574.
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Lynam, T.; de Jong, W.; Sheil, D.; Kusumanto, T.; Evans, K. 2007.  A review of tools for incorporating community knowledge, preferences, and values into decision making in natural resources management. Ecology and Society 12(1): 5. (10p.) [online] URL:
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Meijaard, E.; Sheil, D.; Marshall, A.J.; Nasi, R. 2007. Phylogenetic Age is Positively Correlated with Sensitivity to Timber Harvest in Bornean Mammals. BIOTROPICA *(*): ***–*** **** 10.1111/j.1744-7429.2007.00340.x.
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Meijaard, E.; Sheil, D. 2007. The persistence and conservation of Borneo's mammals in lowland rain forests managed for timber: observations, overviews and opportunities. Ecological Research:
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Meijaard, E.; Sheil, D. 2007. A logged forest in Borneo is better than none at all: correspondence. Nature 446(April 26): 974.
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Meijaard, E.; Sheil, D. 2007. Is wildlife research useful for wildlife conservation in the tropics?: A review for Borneo with global implications. Biodiversity and Conservation 16(11): 3053–3065.
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Meijaard, E. dkk. 2007. Hutan Pasca Pemanenan. Agro Observer No. 5 Tahun 1. April 2007.
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Parmentier, I.; Malhi, Y.; Senterre, B.; Whittaker, R.J.; A.T.D.N.; Alonso, A.; Balinga, M.P.B.; Bakayoko, A.; Bongers, F.; Chatelain, C.; Comiskey, J.A.; Cortay, R.; Kamdem, M.N.D.; Doucet, J.L.; Gautier, L.; Hawthorne, W.D.; Issembe, Y.; Kouame, F.N.; Kouka, L.; Leal, M.E.; Lejoly, J.; Lewis, S.L.; Nusbaumer, L.; Parren, M.P.E.; Peh, K.S.H.; Phillips, O.; Sheil, D.; Sonke, B.; Sosef, M.S.M.; Sunderland, T.; Stropp, J.; Steege, H.T.; Swaine, M.D.; Tchouto, M.G.P.; Gemerden, B.S.V.; Valkenburg, C.H.V.; Woll, H. The odd man out? Might climate explain the lower tree α -diversity of African rain forests relative to Amazonian rain forests? Journal of Ecology 2007 95, 1058–1071.
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Sassen, M. and Jum, C. 2007. Assessing Local Perspectives in a forested landscape of central Cameroon.
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Sheil, D.; Meijaard, E. 2007. It’ll take more than research: improving environmental decisions and ecological sciences in Indonesia. Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 2007 38:4
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Vermeulen, S.; Sheil, D. 2007. Partnerships for tropical conservation. Oryx Vol 41 No 4 October 2007.
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Vermeulen, S.; Sheil, D. 2007. The possibility of common ground: a reply to Mavhunga and Robinson. Oryx Vol 41 No 4 October 2007.
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