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West-Papua, Indonesia

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The MLA approach to biodiversity surveys appealed to staff in the West Papua office of Conservation International ( ) and CI requested CIFOR's help in its implementation in the Mamberamo area. CI-Papua is developing a program in this huge and highly biodiverse area to strengthen conservation and environmental management. It must cooperate with local communities to ensure their participation in decision-making processes and their support for the creation of a Mamberamo Conservation Corridor, which could link currently established protected areas through strategically placed "indigenous forest reserves".

Location of the two case study villages in Mamberamo. The inset map shows West Papua

Women group scoring the importance of different landscape units


For CIFOR, the cooperation with CI was a welcome chance to see the MLA approach applied in a 'real life' conservation planning context. A three-phase training programme was launched in May 2004 to build the capacity of about 20 participants from CI itself, Papuan Universities and government offices. The first step was a training in principles, background and methods of the MLA approach. Practical field training in Mamberamo was carried out in July 2004; trainees carried out a full survey in Kwerba and Papasena I. A third phase, in September 2004, brought trainees to Bogor to familiarize themselves with analysis of field data and writing results.

After the field survey, the local communities expressed enthusiasm for a continued relationship with CI, supporting conservation activities that concur with their hopes for sustainability of the forest.


About this project (from CIFOR newsletter 2004)


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