This project ended in June 2010. This website was last updated 28 October 2009. We have kept the website available for our readers’ convenience. If you interested to learn CIFOR's ongoing research, please click here.


This task force has been in operation since 2007. So far, we have published these resources:

  • Adnan, H., Tadjudin, D., Yuliani, L., Komarudin, H., Lopulalan, D., Siagian, Y.L., and Munggoro, D.W., eds. 2008 Belajar dari bungo: mengelola sumberdaya alam di era desentralisasi. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.
    details; PDF: Indonesian (size 7.9 MB)

  • Colfer, C.J.P. 2007 Simple rules for catalyzing collective action in natural resource management contexts. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.
    details; PDF: English (size 0.5 MB); Indonesian (size 0.5 MB)
    Colfer, C.J.P., Dahal, G.R., and Capistrano, D.. eds. 2008 Lessons from forest decentralization: money, justice and the quest for good governance in Asia Pacific. London, Earthscan and CIFOR.

  • Colfer, C.J.P., ed. 2008 Human health and forests: a global overview of issues, practice and policy. London, Earthscan and CIFOR.

  • Diaw, M. C., Prabhu, R., and Aseh, T., eds. 2009 In search for common ground: Adaptive Collaborative Management of forest in Cameroon. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.

  • Fisher, R., Prabhu, R., and McDougall, C., eds. 2007 Adaptive Collaborative Management of community forests in Asia. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.
    details; English (size 4.5 MB)

  • Guijt, Irene., ed. 2007 Negotiated learning: collaborative monitoring for forest resource management. Washington, DC, Resources for the Future and CIFOR.

  • Indriatmoko, Y., Yuliani, L., Tarigan, Y., Gaban, F., Maulana, F., Munggoro, D.W., Lopulalan, D., and Adnan, H. 2007 Dari desa ke desa: dinamika gender dan pengelolaan kekayaan alam (From village to village: gender dynamics and management of nature’s wealth). Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.
    details; PDF: Indonesian (size 9.5 MB)

  • Mandondo, A., Prabhu, R., and Matose, F., eds. 2008 Coping amidst chaos: studies on Adaptive Co-management from Zimbabwe. ACM Series, Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.

  • McDougall, C., Ojha, H., Banjade, M., Pandit, B.H., Bhattarai, T., Maharjan, M., and Rana, S. 2009 Forests of Learning: experiences from research on an adaptive collaborative approach to community forestry in Nepal. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.
    details; PDF: English (size 2.1 MB)

  • McDougall, C., Pandit, B.H., Banjade, M. R., Paudel, K.P., Ojha, H., Maharjan, M., Rana, S., Bhattarai, T., and Dangol, S. 2009 Facilitating forests of learning: enabling an adaptive collaborative approach in community forest user groups, a guidebook. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.

  • Moeliono, M., Wollenberg, E., and Limberg, G., eds. 2008 The decentralization of forest governance: politics, economics and the fight for control of forests in Indonesian Borneo. ACM Series, London, Earthscan and CIFOR.

  • Vanclay, J., Prabhu, R. and Sinclair, F. 2006 Realizing community futures. London, Earthscan and CIFOR.

  • Yasmi, Y. 2007 Institutionalization of conflict capability in the management of natural resources: theoretical perspectives and empirical experience in Indonesia. PhD dissertation, University of Wageningen, Wageningen, Netherlands.

  • Yuliani, L., Tadjudin, D., Indriatmoko, Y., Munggoro, D.W., Gaban, F., Maulana, F., Adnan, H., eds. 2007 Multistakeholder forestry: steps to change. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR. (Also published in Indonesian in 2006.)
    details; PDF: English (size 8.5 MB); Indonesian (size 8.9 MB)

We expect to publish more resources soon:

  • Alcorn, J. Reducing climate change in alliance with swidden communities and indigenous peoples. Policy brief
    PDF: English

  • Larson, A., Barry, D., Dahal, G.R., and Colfer, C.J.P. eds. [in press] Forests for people: community rights and forest tenure reform. London, Earthscan and CIFOR.