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Guidelines on sustainable forest management in drylands of Ethiopia

Guidelines on sustainable forest management in drylands of Ethiopia

About 80% of forests in Ethiopia are dry forest. For the last 20 years they have been subject to land use changes, and replaced by agricultural land and settlements. This situation may be due to the little recognition, at the national level, of the actual and potential contribution of dry forests to the national economy, especially as a source of income for the poor and for exportation.

Despite this situation, the Government of Ethiopia has made sustainable forest management a priority, and it includes the management of dry forests. This Guidelines on Sustainable Forest Management in Drylands of Ethiopia provides information on the national context on dry forests, and practical guidelines adapted to the Ethiopian context. It fills important gaps that should help decision-makers to understand better the role and value of dry forests in the country. It shows that dry forests should be sustainably managed and protected for all the economic, social, and environmental services that they provide, and pleads for a better recognition of such an important ecosystem.

Authors: Atmadja, S.; Eshete, A.; Boissiere, M.

Topic: forest management, dry forests, Semiarid zones

Geographic: Ethiopia

Pages: 54p

Publisher: FAO and CIFOR, Rome, Italy

Publication Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-92-5-131337-4

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