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Londiani Participatory Forest Management Plan 2018-2022

Londiani Participatory Forest Management Plan 2018-2022

Londiani Forest is among many forests in Kericho County and has an area of 9015.50 ha. It was gazetted via legal notice No. 44 of 1932 with the objective of conserving it. The forest station is in Londiani subcounty in Kericho County and borders Chepseon and Kuresoi Divisions. It is divided into three blocks, namely Kedowa, Chebewa and Londiani, which are further subdivided into compartments and subcompartments for ease of management. Londiani Forest is managed by Forest Manager Londiani with the support of other KFS staff. The ecosystem conservator of Kericho County also has an office within Londiani Forest. The forest lies at approximately 2326 m asl. It was among the first of forests for which a Participatory Forest Management Plan (PFMP) was developed after the Forests Act of 2005 was enacted and operationalized in 2007. The previous PFMP was launched in 2012 by the director of KFS covering a period of 5 years that ended in December 2016. The PFM guidelines require that 6 months prior to the expiry of the plan, the process of reviewing the plan should commence so as to ensure that the plan is finalized before the expiry period. However, due to a lack of funds, the review process did not start until October 2017.

Authors: Kenya Forest Service

Topic: forest management, community forestry, water resources

Geographic: Kenya

Pages: 76p

Publisher: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2018

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