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Itare-Chemosit Sub Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) 2018-2022

Itare-Chemosit Sub Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) 2018-2022

The Sub-Catchment Management Plan (SCMP) is a document for managing catchment and water resources at sub-catchment level in an area covering about 150 km2 to 200 km2. This SCMP has been prepared for the management of Itare-Chemosit sub-catchment. Development of the SCMP, which focuses on the management and protection of water resources, was guided by the Water Act 2016 and WRUA Development Cycle(WDC). SCMP development was supported by CIFOR and carried out using a participatory process, in which both institutions and other relevant stakeholders actively participated. The plan will now be implemented by Itare-Chemosit WRUA in conjunction with the Water Resources Management Authority (LVSCA) and other stakeholders.

Authors: Water Resources Authority and Itare-Chemosit Water Resource Users Association (WRUA)

Topic: forest management, community forestry, water resources

Geographic: Kenya

Pages: 90p

Publication Year: 2018

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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