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Forest Tenure Reforms in Nepal: Special Issue

Forest Tenure Reforms in Nepal: Special Issue

This is a special issue of Forest and Livelihood on Forest Tenure Reforms in Nepal. Complete list of articles are:

Banjade, M.R., Paudel, N.S. and Mwangi, E. 2017. Introduction: Political economy of forest tenure reform implementation in Nepal: Evolution, contestation, outcomes and challenges.

Dahal, G.R., Pokharel, B.K, Khanal, D.R. and Pokhrel, P.R. 2017. Why Does Tenure Security Matter in Community Forestry? A Critical Reflection from Nepal.

Dhungana, S.P., Satyal, P., Yadav, N.P. and Bhattarai, B. 2017. Collaborative Forest Management in Nepal: Tenure, Governance and Contestations.

Ka ey, G.P. and Pokharel, K. 2017. Pro-poor Leasehold Forestry: A Community-based Tenure Regime in Nepal.

Thing, S.J, and Poudel, S.P. 2017. Buffer Zone Community Forestry in Nepal: Examining Tenure and Management Outcomes.

Gautam, A.P., Bhujel and Chhetri, R. 2017. Political Economy of Forest Tenure Reform Implementation in Nepal: The Case of Protected Forests.

Singh, B.K. 2017. Land Tenure and Conservation in Chure.

Acharya, D. and Baral, N.R. 2017.Neglected High Altitude Rangelands of Nepal: Need for Reform.

Amatya, S.M. and Lamsalm P. 2017 Private Forests in Nepal: Status and Policy Analysis.

Wagle, R., Oli, D., Sapkota, B., Aryal, S. and Prajapati, S.M. 2017. Feminist Institutionalist Interpretation of Forest Tenure Regimes in Nepal.

Authors: Paudel, N.S.; Karki, R.; Adhikary, A.; Luintel, H.S.; Banjade, M.R.; (eds.)

Topic: tenure, community forestry

Publication Year: 2017

ISSN: 1684-0186

Source: Journal of Forest and Livelihood 15(1)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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