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Laporan Tahunan 2016: Menempatkan hutan dan masyarakat dalam agenda global

Laporan Tahunan 2016: Menempatkan hutan dan masyarakat dalam agenda global

As the world gears up for action on climate change and sustainable development, CIFOR research showed how putting landscapes, forests and people at the fore can promote integrated action with better outcomes for human well-being, equity and the environment.

It was a highly significant year for CIFOR, with the launch of its new ten-year Strategy and the commitment of the Government of Germany to support the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) for five years and establish a new secretariat in Bonn.

This year’s report highlights how CIFOR scientists are delving deeper into the issues surrounding bushmeat and forest livelihoods, landscape restoration, sustainable timber and oil palm, and water monitoring in countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Using action research, citizen science, and innovative games and tools, researchers identified the importance of gender roles, land tenure and local context in shaping outcomes for forest-dependent communities. They presented their findings at events from Brunei to Morocco to Beijing, engaging peers in an ongoing discussion that aims to shift the world’s view of forests from a problem to an opportunity.

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Authors: CIFOR;

Topic: forests, research, institutions, reports

Pages: 20p.

Publisher: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2017

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