Greening peace in Colombia

Greening peace in Colombia

As peace consolidates in Colombia, can biodiversity survive development? We discuss challenges and opportunities for integrating forest biodiversity conservation into developing, war-dilapidated economies of post-conflict regions, paving the way for a green economy and climate resilient society.

Authors: Baptiste, B.; Pinedo-Vasquez, M.; Gutierrez-Velez, V.H.; Andrade, G.I.; Vieira, P.; Estupiñán-Suárez, L.M.; Londoño, M.C.; Laurance, W.; Lee, T.M.

Topic: biodiversity, conflict, conservation, forests, land use, landscape

Geographic: Colombia

Publication Year: 2017

ISSN: 2397-334X

Source: Nature Ecology & Evolution 1: 0102

DOI: 10.1038/s41559-017-0102

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