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Does trophy hunting remain a profitable business model for conserving biodiversity in Cameroon?

Does trophy hunting remain a profitable business model for conserving biodiversity in Cameroon?

In Central Africa, trophy hunting constitutes an incentive-based approach for sustainable wildlife management. We collected data from the wildlife administration, safari hunting enterprises and local wildlife management committees, to provide an order of magnitude of the financial performance of this sector in Cameroon. In 2012, trophy hunting was likely to generate an annual turnover of € 7.5 million and its added value could amount to only 0.0001% of GDP although these hunting zones cover 12% of the national territory. The profit margin for professional guides had become negative, with a net annual profit around € –0.7 million. The severe crisis in the trophy hunting sector is mainly due to an increase in the management costs of the hunting zones and the diminishing price of hunting safaris. The State plays a crucial role in enhancing the financial attractiveness of trophy hunting by the restoration of security in the Northern region and by technical measures to (1) clarify the allocation process for hunting areas, (2) simplify regulations and (3) establish an incentives system for law enforcement at national and local levels.

Authors: Lescuyer, G.; Ngouhouo Poufoun, J.; Defo, L.; Bastin, D.; Scholte, P.

Topic: hunting, sustainability, wildlife management, conservation

Geographic: Cameroon

Publication Year: 2016

ISSN: 1465-5489

Source: International Forestry Review 18(2): 108-118

DOI: 10.1505/146554816819683780

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