Tropical Wetland Ecosystem Services and Impacts of Global Change: Special Issue

Tropical Wetland Ecosystem Services and Impacts of Global Change: Special Issue

This is special issue of Wetlands Ecology and Management, consist of 12 articles:

  1. Tropical wetlands, climate, and land-use change: adaptation and mitigation opportunities
  2. Peatland carbon stocks and accumulation rates in the Ecuadorian páramo
  3. Source and stability of soil carbon in mangrove and freshwater wetlands of the Mexican Pacific coast
  4. Soil properties of mangroves in contrasting geomorphic settings within the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique
  5. The assessment of mangrove biomass and carbon in West Africa: a spatially explicit analytical framework
  6. Composition, biomass and structure of mangroves within the Zambezi River Delta
  7. Ecosystem carbon stocks of mangrove forests along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Honduras
  8. Carbon stocks of mangroves and losses arising from their conversion to cattle pastures in the Pantanos de Centla, Mexico
  9. Effects of nesting waterbirds on nutrient levels in mangroves, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras
  10. Carbon stocks in artificially and naturally regenerated mangrove ecosystems in the Mekong Delta
  11. Sedimentation and belowground carbon accumulation rates in mangrove forests that differ in diversity and land use: a tale of two mangroves
  12. Can mangroves keep pace with contemporary sea level rise? A global data review

Authors: Kolka, R.; Murdiyarso, D.; Kauffman, J.B.; Birdsey, R.A.; (eds.)

Topic: wetlands, climate change

Publication Year: 2016

ISSN: 0923-4861

Source: Wetlands Ecology and Management 24(2): 107-278

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