Climate of Central Africa: past, present and future

Climate of Central Africa: past, present and future

Albeit some improvement, climates and paleoclimates in Central Africa are still unsufficiently known.This uncomplete knowledge results from the lack of local data, the disperse networks of past and current measuring and the very few piece of scientific work on climate in this region.

Authors: Tsalefac, M.; Hiol-Hiol F.; Mahé, G.; Laraque, A.; Sonwa, D.J.; Scholte, P.; Pokam, W.M.; Haensler, A.; Beyene, T.; Ludwig, F.; Mkankam, F.K.; Djoufack, V.M.; Ndjatsana, M.; Doumenge, C.

Topic: climate change,forests,REDD+

Geographic: Central Africa

Publication Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-2-87489-355-1

Source: Wasseige, C. de M. Tadoum R. Eba'a-Atyi, C. Doumenge, (eds.) The Forests of the Congo Basin : Forests and climate change. 37-52

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