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The Importance of Central Africa’s forests

The Importance of Central Africa’s forests

Tropical forests are extraordinary reservoirs of carbon and biodiversity. Within a few decades they have become a centre of attention in the scope of international challenges in climate change and conservation. The Congo Basin is the second largest tropical forest in one piece after the Amazon. Relatively well preserved, it plays an important role in the regulation of global and continental climatic systems.

Authors: Marquant, B.; Mosnier, A.; Bodin, B.; Dessard, H.; Feintrenie, L.; Molto, Q.; Gona, V.; Bayol, N.

Topic: climate change,forests,REDD+

Geographic: Central Africa

Publication Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-2-87489-355-1

Source: Wasseige, C. de M. Tadoum R. Eba'a-Atyi, C. Doumenge, (eds.) The Forests of the Congo Basin : Forests and climate change. 17-36

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