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The Forests of the Congo Basin: Forests and climate change

The Forests of the Congo Basin: Forests and climate change

The 2015 edition of the State of the Forests of the Congo Basin is a number issued specifically for the 21th Conference of Parties in Paris. Indeed, it is envisaged that during the conference a global climate agreement could be reached by the international community.

To support their participation in the Conference, the countries of the COMIFAC had planned several activities during the year 2015. Among these activities, it was decided to publish a special report on forests and climate change in Central Africa. This report comes thus to support for the negotiations in Paris and focuses on the role of the rain forest in mitigating climate change and the impacts of these changes on the adaptation of populations and ecosystems in Central Africa.

Authors: de Wasseige, C.; Tadoum M.; Ebaa-Atyi, R.; Doumenge, C.; (eds.)

Topic: climate change,forests,REDD+

Geographic: Central Africa

Publisher: Weyrich, Belgium

Publication Year: 2015

ISBN: 978-2-87489-355-1

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