Tropical Conservation and Liability for Environmental Harm

Tropical Conservation and Liability for Environmental Harm

Tropical countries face a host of challenges to their natural environment and resources. Environmental law liability provisions offer one set of potential protections. This Article surveys such provisions in a variety of tropical country contexts. Of the seven countries studied, spanning a range of legal systems and economic development and environmental governance performance, all but one have the authority to bring liability claims for harms to the environment. However, a variety of impediments to effective implementation have resulted in a limited number of cases being resolved, and frequently with low damage awards relative to the injuries. The authors offer a range of recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the drafting and implementation of liability provisions to promote environmental protection.

Authors: Jones, C.A.; Pendergrass, J.A.; Broderick, J.; Phelps, J.

Publication Year: 2015

ISSN: 0046-2284

Source: The Environmental Law Reporter 45(11)

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