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Can REDD+ Turn Rainbow?: REDD+ and Climate Change Adaptation Policies in Vietnam

Can REDD+ Turn Rainbow?: REDD+ and Climate Change Adaptation Policies in Vietnam

Developments in the global climate change mechanism, REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, plus Conservation, Sustainable Management of Forests and Enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks) have raised optimism about reducing carbon emissions and deforestation in tropical countries and improving forest management. There are more than 200 sub-national projects on REDD+. Yet evidence shows that it is much harder to implement REDD+ activities than developing policies. Developing countries are moving ahead rapidly with different types of REDD+ interventions but there is limited knowledge of the social impacts from REDD+ initiatives, and its synergies with social vulnerabilities. This thesis aims to contribute to strengthening forest governance to ensure maximum responsiveness to climate-change impacts on forests and people via an empirical research study on REDD+ policy and actions in Vietnam. This thesis contributes to the theoretical knowledge and practical debates on linking climate change mitigation and adaptation, the process of climate change policy formulation and implementation and the broader agenda of sustainable development.

Authors: Huynh Thu Ba

Topic: REDD+, climate change, adaptation

Geographic: Vietnam

Publisher: University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Publication Year: 2013

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