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Gender and Climate Change in Indonesia

Gender and Climate Change in Indonesia

Gender, like poverty, is a cross-cutting issue in climate change and needs to be recognized as such. There is a need to be strident to overcome the uninformed view of many involved in climate change that climate change is neutral, and real life examples are needed to make the alternative case clear and convincing

Authors: Shea, G.A.; Francisca, I.; Andaryati, A.

Topic: climate change,gender,tenure,forest management,carbon sequestration

Geographic: Indonesia

Publisher: CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2005

ISBN: 979-3361-73-5

Source: Murdiyarso, D. and Herawati, H. (eds.). Carbon forestry: who will benefit? proceedings of Workshop on Carbon Sequestration and Sustainable Livelihoods, held in Bogor on 16-17 February 2005. 176-196

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