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Site selection for forest carbon projects [Japanese]

Site selection for forest carbon projects [Japanese]
Countries with a higher biodiversity index and jurisdictions with more protected area are more likely to have forest carbon projects, corroborating proponents’ assertions that they consider biodiversity co-benefits when selecting sites.
Jurisdictions with higher deforestation rates and forest carbon densities in Brazil and Indonesia are more likely to have forest carbon projects, consistent with a focus on additionality. However, projects also tend to be located in more remote (and possibly less threatened) areas in Brazil.

Villages inside project boundaries (in a sample of REDD+ projects studied by CIFOR) depend largely on agriculture, emphasising the challenge of reducing deforestation without undermining agriculturebased livelihoods.

Authors: Liwei, L.; Pattanayak, S.K.; Sills, E.O.; Sunderlin, W.D.

Publisher: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2015

Source: Angelsen, A., Brockhaus, M., Sunderlin, W.D. and Verchot, L. (eds) Analysing REDD+: Challenges and choices [Japanese]. 209-232

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