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Tenure matters in REDD+: Lessons from the field [Japanese]

Tenure matters in REDD+: Lessons from the field [Japanese]
At the national level, efforts to address land and carbon tenure issues have been limited, although REDD+ has brought unprecedented international attention to tenure and other rights of forest peoples.
Project level interventions to address tenure encounter substantial obstacles if they do not have national backing; at the same time, national land registration institutions are often inadequate for effectively addressing the central, underlying issue of customary tenure rights.

REDD+ policy makers can move forward on macro level approaches by attacking the underlying drivers of deforestation, while proceeding in parallel to target solutions to specific tenure problems; both, however, are likely to face resistance.

Authors: Larson, A.M.; Brockhaus, M.; Sunderlin, W.D.

Publisher: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor, Indonesia

Publication Year: 2015

Source: Angelsen, A., Brockhaus, M., Sunderlin, W.D. and Verchot, L. (eds) Analysing REDD+: Challenges and choices [Japanese]. 153-176

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