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Preparing the ground for better landscape governance: gendered realities in southern Sulawesi

Preparing the ground for better landscape governance: gendered realities in southern Sulawesi

In recognition of the importance of effective and equitable governance at the landscape scale in enhancing human and environmental well-being, we use a recently developed framework for assessing men’s and women’s involvement in local governance. These results set the stage for an ongoing examination of the success of the AgFor project in southern Sulawesi in achieving this goal. Our findings establish a baseline on gender and governance in five communities with landscapes that include forestry, agroforestry, and agriculture: Bonto Tappalang and Tana Toa in South Sulawesi, and Tawanga, Ladongi, and Wonua Hua in Southeast Sulawesi. These indicators, which we complement with ethnographic insights, fall into two categories: (1) level of public involvement and (2) skills relevant for political action, each of which is assessed for both women and men. Our findings reflect what we believe to be a comparatively equitable gender situation in Sulawesi, with hopeful prospects for enhancing women’s (and men’s) public involvement in governance. We conclude with some practical and ethnographically informed suggestions for enhancing collaboration with women and men in these (and similar) communities.

Authors: Colfer, C.J.P.; Achdiawan, R.; Adnan, H.; Moeliono, M.; Mulyana, A.; Mulyoutami, E.; Roshetko, J.M.; Yuliani, L.; Balang; LepMil

Topic: governance,agroforestry,gender

Geographic: Indonesia, Sulawesi

Publication Year: 2015

ISSN: 1472-8028

Source: Forests, Trees and Livelihoods 24(1): 59-83

DOI: 10.1080/14728028.2014.951002

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