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The role of forests, trees and wild biodiversity for nutrition-sensitive food systems and landscapes

The role of forests, trees and wild biodiversity for nutrition-sensitive food systems and landscapes

Many contend that in order to overcome the world’s nutrition problems, nutrition must become a cross-cutting issue, with concrete commitment and attention from a wide range of disciplines. From this assertion has grown the promotion of nutrition-sensitive approaches to economic growth, development, agriculture and food systems (nutrition-specific interventions target malnutrition directly, whereas nutrition-sensitive interventions target the causes of malnutrition by integrating nutrition into policies and programs in diverse sectors). There have been repeated calls for the international community to prioritize identification ways to leverage agriculture (and agricultural landscapes) to enhance nutrition (and health). Land use change is an often overlooked driver of change in diets, nutrition and food security, especially for rural communities. The synergies between food systems approaches to food security and nutrition and landscape approaches to integrated biodiversity and forest conservation should be explored and built on.

Authors: Powell, B.; Ickowitz, A.; McMullin, S.; Jamnadass, R.H.; Padoch, C.; Pinedo-Vasquez, M.; Sunderland, T.

Topic: forests,foods,food security,nutrition surveys

Publication Year: 2013

Source: Expert background paper for the International Conference on Nutrition, FAO, Rome.. 25p.

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